Publications 2010

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  • Favreau F, Thuillier R, Cau J, et al. Anti-thrombin therapy during warm ischemia and cold preservation prevents chronic kidney graft fibrosis in a DCD model. Am J Transplant 2010; 10: 30-9.
  • Robert R, Guilhot J, Pinsard M, et al. A pair analysis of the delayed graft function in kidney recipient: the critical role of the donor. Journal of critical care 2010; 25: 582-90.
  • Thuillier R, Favreau F, Celhay O, Macchi L, Milin S, Hauet T. Thrombin inhibition during kidney ischemia-reperfusion reduces chronic graft inflammation and tubular atrophy. Transplantation 2010; 90: 612-21.


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