Publications 2013

  • Tissier R, Giraud S, Quellard N, Fernandez B, Lidouren F, Darbera Ln Kolhauer M, Pons S, Chenoune M, Bruneval P, Goujon JM, Ghaled B, Berdeaux A, Hauet T. Kidney protection by hypothermic total liquid ventilation after cardiac arrest in rabbits. Anesthesiology 2013; 120(4): [Epub ahead of print]. PMID : 24185488
  • Goubier A, Vocanson M, Macari C, Poyet G, Herbelin A, Nicolas JF, Dubois B, Kaiserlian D. Invariant NKT cells suppress CD8(+) T-cell-mediated allergic contact dermatitis independently of regulatory CD4(+) T cells. J Invest Dermatol. 2013; 133(4): 980-7. PMID : 23190881
  • Thuillier R, Allain G, Celhay O, Hebrard W, Barrou B, Badet L, Leuvenink H, Hauet T. Benefits of active oxygenation during hypothermic machine perfusion of kidneys in a preclinical model of deceased after cardiac death donors. J Surg Res. 2013;184(2):1174-81. PMID : 23731682
  • Rossard L, Favreau F, Giraud S, Thuillier R, Le Pape S, Goujon JM, Valagier A, Hauet T. Role of warm ischemia on innate and adaptive responses in a preclinical renal auto-transplanted porcine model. J Transl Med. 2013; 11(1):129. PMID : 23706041
  • Favreau F, Giraud S, Bon D, Chatauret N, Thuillier R, Hauet T.[Ischemia reperfusion control: the key of kidney graft outcome]. Med Sci (Paris). 2013; 29(2):183-8. PMID : 23452605


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